Excessive Sweating

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Excessive Sweating Treatments

Too much sweating (Hyperhidrosis) is a common problem that causes self-consciousness and inconvenience. It can limit activities people are comfortable to do and even the clothes they can wear.


At Dental Beauty Dulwich our clinicians are are trained to provide effective and long lasting options for sufferers of Hyperhidrosis.


The under arms are the commonest area to be treated. Significantly reduced sweating occurs after only a few days and can last from 4 to 14 months after each treatment. We can use Botox® to reduce the activity of sweat glands in the problem areas and reduce sweating.

Do I need to prepare for this treatment?

Not really. Everything will be explained in your initial consultation with the doctor. We prefer that you do not shave or wax your arm pit in the few days before your treatment.

Are the injections painful?

Unlike many other facilities offering this treatment, our doctors use creams and techniques to minimise the discomfort from injections. Our patients tolerate this treatment well.

Is there a recovery time afterwards?

There is no downtime after this treatment and you are able to leave the clinic straight away. You may experience some temporary soreness at the treatment site which will improve after a few days.

How long does treatment take for armpit treatment?

We complete the treatment of both armpits in approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

“I feel like I was really listened to and got my cheeks and lips done really nicely. I was scared to have too much treatment but Dr. Patel knew what was best for me”

Mrs J. R.

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