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Dentures in Dulwich, South London

Dentures are a great option for when teeth are missing or need to be replaced.


We advise using dentures for when multiple teeth are missing or a lot of bone support has gone. Dentures are made by our skilled dental technicians and can be made out of solely plastic or a combination of metal and plastic to help with strength.


Dentures are removable for cleaning and we generally advise you remove them to sleep. The gums underneath the denture still need to be kept healthy so we advise patients to still attend regular dental check ups.

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    Dentures FAQs

    Do dentures hurt?

    Dentures are tailor-made to fit your mouth so they shouldn’t hurt although it may take some getting used to and you may feel slight discomfort for the first few months as your jaw bow and gums adjust to their new shape (if you had teeth extracted before getting your dentures fitted).

    How long do dentures last?

    Dentures can last several years if well looked after. After a period of time we will need to take a new cast to make a new set of dentures as your jaw and gums gradually change shape as you get older. Our dentist will discuss all of this with you during your initial consultation.

    Do dentures look real?

    We use the most cutting-edge technology to make our dentures resulting in a natural look. By taking precise measurements of your teeth and gums, we make sure the fit is perfect so you don’t need to worry about wobbly dentures.

    How should I clean my dentures?

    Dentures can be removed for cleaning or you can clean your dentures as you would normal teeth, you just need to make sure you are gentle, particularly at first.


    We recommend that you soak your dentures overnight in a fizzy dentures cleaning tablet to ensure any food particles are removed.

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